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doing it our way.

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We are DMC 3AB/01 of Singapore Polytechnic, Skewl of Business. Currently, we're trying to attain the Diploma in Media & Communication and we're having a hell of a noisy time doing it. The whole point of this community is to promote self-worship within the walls of our classroom. For we are NIRVANA.

Musicians, Photographers, Actors, Singers, Shoppers, Bimbos, Gamers, Lamers, Nerds, Smokers, Mutants, Clubbers, Drinkers, Fashionistas, Drivers, whatever - you name it, we have it. We're just that good.

The class has a rich culture that includes DOTAing, shopping, hanging out in JayBee and stuffing outselves with so much seafood that we'll puke. We love making merry and having conversations that last 458098 hours! That explains the longass comment threads...

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. In other words, we are officially graduates.
Let Just Whack become the archive of moral teachings and the temple of truth and knowledge; the minimal standard and the maximum outage; ...basically, we are the do's and dont'ts of the Media & Communication student.

Our class has come a long way, from a turbulent, cliquey first year to a tentative truce in second year - and then finally a sarcastically fun-filled third year filled with mad paparazzi-like classmates, ghost hunts, shrieking chalets and night rides on the empty roads. It's okay to be separated if you become united. At the end of the day, the true DMCian has FUN. And we had, like, waaay too much of it. OVERDOSE. :D

It's been a good three years, you bitches. I know we'd do it all over again.

Graduation = MAY. See you then!

Obviously. If you're part of the class and you've got a Livejournal, I've already sent you an invitation. So accept it, peapole. Those of you who aren't on LJ, get one and join already.

andre_wang Andre Wang [Imaginary(?) PTN of 3AB/01, ICMT Lecturer, Spongebob Fan]
pinglet Pingster [Imaginary(?) ex-MMR lecturer, 01's fave person, Piglet Ambassador]
m_thiyagarajan Rajan [Imaginary(?) ex-MPP lecturer, respected and feared by all OMGOMGOMG]
gthiru Thiru [Class Chairman, Abuser of Attendance, DOTA Hitler]
joan86 Joan [Random Woman, Blur queen, Orchard Princess]
titu5 Titus [Happening Photowhore, DOTA Addict, Perpetual Latecomer]
stelf Stefanie [Hermione, Bookworm, Shopaholic 1]
tolce Charine [Oddball, Sunshine Smile, Quirkette]
riiche Jasmine [Spreeholic, Hysterical Girl, Miss-Pronounciation]
unclad_truth Juliet [Fashioner, Space Cadet, Curly One]
absolete_random Marcus [AOS, Metrosexual, Shopaholic 2]
y_m_i_blogging Zul [Sprawler, Swadalum, MotorBoy]
get_charmed Christine [Resident Jewellery Girl; Buy her stuff~]
lil_miss_sha Aisha [Pink Tudung, Makeup Guru]
mr_cap Sanjay [Mr Cap, Mr Cap... Mr Cap]
freak_epiphany Isza [Photographer, Outdoor Girl]
innervixen_ Christina [Girl Next Door, MCQ, Curly Two]
zhihan Zhihan ["HUH?!" ...Panic Man, Dress Shirt Guy]
oh_chengkun CK [Meepok Man, married to laptop, anythinganything]
think_silly Jonathan [HongKee, Singer, Curly Three?]
am_not_andre Juliana [The Majority (so-called), Grapefruit, Impersonator? *GASP*]

  • Jonathan will be flying to Hong Kong this week for internship.
  • Internship Information. Please be in contact!

  • Just Whack - Heck care and just do it.
  • Obscure - Unknown, unpopular.
  • Chao Lame - Really lame.
  • You Ah - Phrase for picking fights; a means of self-defense.
  • Word - Agreed.
  • I Know, Right - self explanatory.
  • AOS - Abs Of Steel (Marcus's, specifically).
  • JayBee - Johor Bahru, second home of 3AB/01.
  • Dipshit - Specialist Diploma (ref. Christine, Aisha, Jasmine, Marcus).
  • DOTA - 'Defence Of The Ancients', adopted PC game of 3AB/01.
  • Slashdot - The Class Press. Read The Wedding for reference.
  • Happening - Cool and in.
  • Come On, Face It! - wakeup call from Jonathan.
  • Whai - Why. Obviously.
  • BFF - Best Friends Forevah!

    Jonathan - "But seriously, it was really a comfort to see u guys there, if not the whole thingy is like so stressed up."
    On seeing us at working at Project Superstar. AWWWWWZ.

    C.K - Without a third finger covering the face. BLASPHEMY!
    Marcus - Narcissism is bred from a young age. SHOCKING!
    Marcus (2) - Narcissism crosses over to maturity. CONTROVERSY!
    Class - Obsurity was never an issue back then. OR WAS IT?
    Class - A Chjimes-to-Starbucks situation. SCANDAL! Part 2: REVELATION Part 3: CONSEQUENCES
    Class - Joan's fucking breakfast shots. One & Two
    Isza's Paparazzi - JoanSEX, JoanSEX again, IDEAs Presentation (BEARD WARNING), Boyband and Jasmine = unglam.
    JayBee Chronicles - here & here.
    DMC Self-Worship Showcase - here [Photography by Ryan elmerk]

    Which Dudette Are You?
    Find out if you're a Viviana, Juliana, Jasmine, Stefanie, Angelynev or Shufen 8D

    Titus - 300 whacks
    Stefanie - 127 whacks
    Curretly it's tied between the two. Titus gets props for big number but minuses for science class. Steffo doesn't have the number, but content is funnay.

    Overthrown: Thiru - 84 whacks.

    THE WEDDING. by riiche
    The year is 2014. Eight years ago, these people were a class. Today, they are working in various areas of the media and communications industry, with more links to each other than they possibly have imagined. How the hell did they manage to find the connections with - of all things - a freaking wedding?
    Available Chapters: 1. Arrivals 2. Requests 3. Revelations

    MUTANTS 3A01. by gthiru
    2006. 22 students from the class 3A01 in the Media and Communication course from Singapore Polytechnic are called back to school after their graduation by their former lecturers. Thinking it was a final gathering of their cohort, they head to one of the lecture theatres where they are scheduled to meet and are surprised to find that they are the only class of their batch there. Refreshments are served by the lecturers. The class finds the drinks to be a tad strange and no sooner do they discover that it’s not Ribena that they’re drinking that they start losing consciousness one by one.

    Fast forward 6 years. The year is now 2012. The students have learned that they were specimens of a sinister experiment conducted to determine what effects a chemical agent know as the M-Agent would have on them. And interestingly enough, the class manifested awesome powers that seemed conceivable only in fantasy. Happy with the results, the lecturers consumed the chemical, gaining powers of their own. It is unknown why they did what they did, or who exactly is the creator of the agent but what is for certain is that their plans are nothing less than world domination.
    Available Chapters: Archive

    Nothing here should, like, be taken seriously. Like, evah. Like, seriously. Also, as hard as it seems, try and be original. Take our stuff without permission and face the wrath of AOS.

    *Everything here is in the spirit of humour and should not be taken seriously. Characters bearing resemblance to anyone dead or alive happen to be a coincidence 8D