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Pay day for me is 29 May, so I propose a mega fuck-off shopping spree on 2 June, at night, seeing as most of us will be slaving the day away under the Qween's instructions.

Who's up for it? Don't back out!

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3rd june pls!!
anyway 1st day of auditions sure very tired!!
But isn't 3 June a Sunday?!
ahah ya then?? day got work!
we gotta work after sat too on sunday!
But Saturday is a more yippeeyayoo day!
My payday is on the 15th :(

BUT. I can go~ xD
Yay! Hey, did you get Qwen's e-mail?
Yeah I got it. I'm working on that day though D:

HOWEVAH. Will try to push for morning shift. Wish me luck.

Tell them you have a very important family dinner diedie cannot miss.
I'm scared that he will put all of us/me in audition room. Can you imagine me dieing from trying to control my laughter... and there's the newbies. I wonder how...
I'm the worst person to be put in the audition room. I might actually anyhow sit myself down at the judges' table.
HAHAHAHAHA! I can totally imagine what you will be saying at the judge's table. 8D