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The game is SuperBowl Round 1, 11 May 2007. And the award winners are as follows.

Most Valuable Player: Based on each participant's total number of points, Marcus Yong comes out tops. Like, whatever.

Most Violent Player: Once again, Juliet Chow sends everyone flying for cover when she takes her turn. A strength hero, Juliet is one hell of an Earthshaker.

Most Vocal Player: Size is no guarantee of power. Or volume. Jasmine Tan shrieks like no other if she misses, and, unfortunately, the opposing team today as well as her own team-mates had to bear the brunt of it.

Most Volatile Player: As he steps up to take his turn, Gunasegaran Thirukumaran is the perfect picture of composure. The next instant, the image is smashed as he screams and half-crumbles when he gets a gutter ball. You can feel his PAIN.

Most Vain Player: Despite her team-mates' pleas for her to remove her red skull scarf, Jasmine Tan steadfastly refuses and continues to bowl throughout the game with the accessory dangling precariously from her neck. Her team-mates believe that the scarf is either a dangerous distraction, or an unlucky charm. However, she still refuses to remove it, insisting that it is just the way that she bowls.

The new Longkang Brothers are: Jasmine Tan, Angelynev Koh, Gunasegaran Thirukumaran and Toh Zhi Han.

SuperBowl Champions (Round 1): Marcus Yong, Joan Tay, Stefanie Conceicao and Juliet Chow/Titus Phoon.

Dinner was great. The surprises were fantastic. Bowling was TERRIFYING. It's amazing we managed to hit anything at all. I felt like I was sleep-bowling, Jas and I couldn't find a size 8 ball so we had to make do with size 9, which is a tad too heavy because okay, I have like zero arm muscle lah okay. Archery and badminton were eons ago and I can't even swing a size 8 ball the way Joan does with a size 11. Anyway, t'was fun, bitches. Thanks for the great evening, and I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE MY CHERRY-PRINTED BAG. =D

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