Thiru (gthiru) wrote in justwhack,


I HAVE A LIBRARY FINE OF 2.40! And its for a dumb consumer behaviour book I don't even remember borrowing.

If you guys know of anyone who'd like to be an editorial intern at marketing magazine, do let me know! You should like writing, researching and mostly via phone (mostly via phone) and be willing to work for low wages. Like seriously low.
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I meant to say *interviewing(mostly via phone).
You so should have told me like a week before. I would have taken it over this. I was itching for a magazine job.
Your pay now pwnz MM's though xD
Hahah, I know, just that I want to be able to someday tell someone I wrote for an entertainment tabloid, a financial newspaper, a fashion magazine and an industry read. Jack of all trades, so to speak. Maybe a master of none. :P
Haha, maybe you'll be like Leo Dicaprio in "Catch me if you can" only the journalist version.
Any pay pawns MM's!
i have like 12.50 worth of fines to pay1
but i remember clearly i paid it already!
like stupid schoolllll
Like seriously dumb sch.

They just sent me another letter - 6 dollars worth of fines for dvds I supposedly borrowed. Haha maybe I did but I don't remember borrowing such obscure titles!
I supposedly owed them a fine too, and they sent me FIVE reminders, but when Marcus went to pay off the fine, they said it didn't exist. -_-

I daren't borrow from any external libraries 'cause I think I owe them like $12.50.