chicory_v (chicory_v) wrote in justwhack,

Year Book Updates

I'll be collecting the year book before Grad Ceremony. I foresee some problems cause all of us agreed to buy one yearbk each during the *i can't rmb the name of the ceremony* on 10 Jan - rmb photo taking day. I understand that some of you do not wish to purchase the yearbk in the end. I'll try to return the unpuchase yearbk from our class. However, you will have to buy the yrbk by hook or by crook if i can't return the remaining yrbk.

I will inform you guys abt the price of the yearbk again. It cost $8 as of current.

The Ppl who have paid up are: Jas, Stef, Angel, Juliet, Zul, Marcus, Joan, Isza, Aisha, Shu fen, Darren, Titus & Christina.

Unknown status: Zhi han, Sanjay, Thiru, Christine, Charine, Juliana, Viviana, Cheng Kun & Jonathan
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Eurgh, I had better NOT look like crap or I will throw the book away.

How i collect from you :/
eh... where u working?
Near Chinatown, nearest train station, Outram, Opp SGH.
Exact Address, Blair Road! (:

Or you want to mail it! hehe!